VIZI is an elegant and engaging packaging solution for bandaids that addresses multiple pain points associated with locating, unpackaging, and applying a bandage. Each sheet hangs from the wall like a poster and contains 44 vinyl bandages that can be easily peeled and applied with one hand. 
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We developed VIZI, for client Proctor & Gamble, in response to a prompt that required us to design a house hold product suitable for one handed users. After conducting experiential research and interviewing potential users, we narrowed our focus down to health and care products such as pills, dental floss, and bandages. We found that because these products required a perception of sterility, they were often packaged and stored in such a way that made them particularly difficult. After narrowing down our scope to one specific product area, we began Ideating with sketches and rough prototypes.
After presenting a selection of our concepts to the client, we decided on a concept that we called band aid sticker posters. We began researching materials and continued rough prototyping, and user research to determine size and function of the final product.
The final product is assembled in five separate layers. There is a nonstick backing, laminate, paper pull tab, vinyl bandage, and sterile gasket. The layers are treated with adhesives in such a way that the bandage, gasket and tab will easily pull free from the sheet as one. Once pressed to the skin, the gasket and tab will pull off the bandage without disturbing it. The entire process, from unpackaging and hanging the sheet to applying a bandage, can be completed with one hand.      
Click here to view the final Product
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