1. Desktop
Main Audience - Parents, Alumni, Prospective Students
The desktop homepage packs the most information. It needs to function as an advertisement tool for the school while also allowing those outside of the University to navigate to any information they may need. Student and staff however, rarely visit the desktop homepage, allowing for the removal of most of the immediate information pertaining to these audiences.
2. Tablet
Main Audience - Prospective Students, Sports Fans
The tablet functions mainly as a billboard for the university. People viewing the homepage on a tablet aren't neccessarilly doing "serious" research, like filling out applications or trying to make donations. It's design encompasses the prestige of the university and the feel of Ann Arbor.
3. Phone
Main Audience - Current Students
The Phone homepage (viewable from the UM app) is the page most frequently visited by current students and staff. It is focused mainly on getting students involved on campus, connecting staff to students, and taking some of the stress out of the average school day. This homepage operates on "michigan time" and changes over the course of the semester, always highlighting the most valuable information.
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